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MotherFund, a leading provider of working capital and creative financial solutions for small businesses nationwide, says the small businesses who have survived the recession are not able to find readily available capital to improve their existing businesses or expand.

Jason Bishop, MotherFund’s Chairman and CEO, said, “We’ve been doing this for a long time and we have found that the businesses with sound fundamentals prior to the recession are for the most part still intact today and those with poor fundamentals are no longer in existence. The survivors are now cautiously seeking to improve their existing operations or take advantage of market opportunities through expansion, but they are having a difficult time securing the necessary capital.”

According to Bishop, “The government’s Small Business Lending Fund legislation is still stalled in Congress, and many of the state programs are almost out of money.” MotherFund offers working-capital financing to small businesses through a variety of programs, such as its popular merchant cash advance. Several of MotherFund’s products are based on accounts receivable financing or factoring. This form of financing puts a company’s financial assets to work immediately. MotherFund also offers trade receivable, credit card processing, and custom financial services.

MotherFund’s Bishop said, “Even in the new economy we believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and feel that it will lead the way in a broad based recovery. We’ve put millions of our own dollars on the street this year funding everything from patio expansions to bridging opening costs of new locations. A lot of our peers wonder how we are able to take these risks and remain successful and the simple answer is, today you can’t let a FICO score or uneven financials stand in the way of getting capital to a good business. We evaluate each individual business and management team and we get behind the ones who are poised for success.”

About MotherFund

MotherFund is a Texas-based company that provides alternative financial products and services for small businesses. The Company is a leading provider of creative working-capital solutions that allow businesses access to a consistently available source of money, for a variety of needs. These include seasonal merchandise, payroll, expansion, inventory, new equipment, and other requirements that keep the business growing.

More information is available at www.MotherFund.com:
Jason Bishop  Phone: 469-402-1110
Email: jbishop@MotherFund.com

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