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At age 25, Jason Bishop moved to Dallas with his wife, Lisa, and their newborn son. Bishop accepted an outside sales position with Rewards Network. He quickly ran through his list of potential leads to call and realized it was going to be a lot harder than he thought.

“After the nausea passed, a sense of determination to make a better life for my family settled over me,” Bishop said.

Now, as CEO of MotherFund, Bishop interacts daily with investors, works with the sales team, and makes final funding decisions.

What has been your greatest challenge? When I was tapped to head up the operations of the startup Strategic Funding Source in New York City, the job required that I be in New York. For two years, I commuted Monday through Friday to our office in Manhattan and kept an apartment in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It was a real struggle missing out on basically two years of my family’s life.

What is something others would be surprised to learn about you? I didn’t finish college. Most people assume that if you’re successful, you have a degree. I needed to work after the birth of my son. I planned to go back and never made it.

What drives you to give back? Every Christmas since 2007 we have been blessed to be able to provide one or two families with a piece of paper where they can list everything they would do for their family if they had the money. Often times it takes some coaxing because the first list is very basic, clothing, food, diapers, etc. It is a great feeling pulling up with every last thing on the list.

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